Caring for mental health is important for everyone, including kids! Sometimes we need a bit of extra help from others so that we can have a healthy mind and spirit, and that is totally okay. It takes a lot of courage and strength to reach out for help!

If children can learn about mental health early and know that there are lots of wonderful mental health resources, then they will be more prepared to take care of their own mental health. Plus, educating kids about mental health at an early age is a key component of raising an understanding, empathetic generation. 

Below is a list of mental health resources for youth!

In Canada

  • Kids Help Phone
    • Professional, 24/7 counselling service for young people    
    • Offers support over the phone, online, and over text
  • YouthSpace
    • Provides emotional support and crisis intervention
    • Offers support online and over text
  • Teen Line
  • The Trevor Project


In The USA

  • Your Life Your Voice
  • Strong Hearts Native Helpline
  • The Trevor Project
  • LGBTQ National Help Center

If you aren't from Canada or the USA, use these sites to find resources in your area:

(There are also lots of online resources on all of the sites listed in this section that you can access even if you live internationally.)


Mental Health Resources Worksheet for Kids

This worksheet is intended to be a parent-child activity, where you can help you kids explore the different youth mental health resources and find the ones that they think will work the best for them. I think this is one of the most important activities on BrainFrame because it can help eliminate the stigma of mental health at a young age and teach children about the mental health resources that are available to them.